Sorry, not sorry but “desire for summer” just sounds better in Italian. This has been the longest winter, so summer is all I can think about. And the fact that my job requires me to make sure that vintage shops have their perfectly curated summer threads timed with the first rays of sunshine has not helped either. As the winter rolled on, I kept buying and photographing slinky summer finds, and it wasn’t easy!




Since summer seems to be ground-hogging us, I hope that you and I can get a contact high from these fantastic photos of some Modern Thrifter finds for Moth Oddities. Their friends Kassidy and Clancy took these with them for an East Coast road trip.



Kassidy and Clancy set off for three weeks of Hipcamp-ing, hitting up Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and New Jersey. The vintage that accompanied these ladies got a taste of their perpetual motion and style, and so did we!



It’s incredible to see the Italian vintage in these quintessential American backdrops and styled with the coolness and freedom that Kassidy and Clancy emit. These Valentino pants were surely singing a different tune during their former life in Italy.







This stunning emerald slip from a private collection of a woman who had a slip of every color, and every color was made for glamping!



I came across this Mexican crop top in California. My favorite finds that usually come from south of the border.



I found these white leather-studded shorts in LA. They are part of a set with a crop top and cropped  jacket. If I remember correctly,  they were made in Nashville, and I couldn’t help but think that they were packed alongside a whole lot of dreams by someone headed to LA for stardom.



Read Moth Oddities post On the Road with Kassidy and Clancy for more details on their trip, more photos and more vintage!

Photos care of Kassidy Renee Paige Photography