Since I blabbed your ear off last post I will keep this one short and sweet and very visual, promise.  As small Italian cities grow and diversify the presence of more and more second-hand vendors form all over the world have started to become more often tan not! These vintage vendors Italy and all over the world  are just as excited to get their assortment of once-loved effects off their hands as you are to buy them.



These street markets are often not for the  faint-hearted and be sure to bring an extra bag, you’ll need it. It may seem overwhelming, but it is just amazing to see what surfaces.



You will be rubbing elbows with all kinds of thrifters from all over the world. Love the buzz of different accents in Italian, different ways of bartering, eye rolling, back sapping, smiles and not.



Prices range from stall to stall and  a lot of ‘work’ to sort through, but believe me, oh so worth it. In the winter when bulkier clothes are in season you literally cannot see over the pile of clothes. The colors and prints of different fabrics that span across generations all marbled together is a sight to see. The trained eye catches what could be cool and fearlessly grabs.



It is so nice to come back to the same sweet vendors every week. I have scored on belts and bags from this wonderful couple accompanied by tiny dog.



I always visit trusty and well known visitors whenever I have a chance to maintain relationships and see what is new. This jolly Tuscan has a great mix of clothes and other vintage items. He also knows many of his sources personally and some of the clothing has only had one previous owner. This not only adds quality, but also offers a little history to the pieces I find.

I never snuff a side street or give up till I see every last stall of the market!