This Sunday I set off for a new market, a new adventure. I really need new turf because I had cleaned my trail of highly requested religious medals and I needed some stat! In this line of work you can’t just order more or go the store and but some new stock you have to find it.



After winding through a beautiful city I got to quaint square. Every time I happen upon these markets it takes my breath away. These squares just steps away from busy streets and department stores. You can feel the vibes of cool stuff and interesting people. I stopped at the first stall with glistening goodies and scooped up a Saint Christopher, patron saint of travel and very popular man, in a matter of seconds.



Not much further down the way I basically cleared out this vendor. He was happy, I was happier and we will be seeing one another again.



My eyes came to a screeching halt when I saw these rosaries. Great condition, rare pieces and my favorite kind of rosary to find “The Continent Rosary”.  A rosary made of 5 colors or having 5 different colors on the hail Mary beads, each color representing one of our world’s continents.

I saw some hard core dealing go down with a stone-faced vendor in an floor-length army green Austrian Loden coat. It was very intimidating, but once I saw what was happening behind the glass I knew i had to go for it.



The rarity and sheer awesomeness of what this guy had was jaw dropping, obviously his prices were too. It was a lengthy deal, but worth every second. I worked my magic, bought as much as I could leaving just a couple euro for unforeseen expenses on the way back to the train station. Always need a little cash on your person here in Italy.



Unforeseen expense on the way to the station! Inconspicuous and amazing insiders tip on where to chow down! A perfect Modern Thrifter meal with bench seating where I was basically absorbed into a sweet Italian Mother and Father’s Sunday lunch with their son at university. Although I was itching between trying to charge my phone in the only plugins he other room and not missing the train the rage was divine and the company was unforgettible. As I ran to the train parma-smile on my face and medals jangling in my bag I thought  “Man, the thrift gods did it again!’