So you may remember my gushy article about my favorite Ligurian summer market that pops up in August when other markets are on hiatus. I waited all year for it. No need this year! Throughout the winter I saw that this market was happening more frequently this year. Now it is nearly a monthly deal. I went in April to check it out hoping it was a great mix of antiques, junk and vintage as it is in August and it absolutely lived up to my standards!




I noticed this time around that the market was like an attic clean out where it gets its name from.  It was a great mix of antique vendors, vintage gems, affordable vintage remakes, pricey vintage splurges (when they fit) and people who really cleaned out their attics, their mothers and grandmother’s attics. It is really the closest thing to I have ever found to an American garage sale, but on old European steroids.



Some things are so cool I always consider starting collections just to find an excuse to by them! This vendor had a gorgeous collection of vintage toys in their original packaging and an adorable grandson who helped show you how to play with them.



Totally tickled by these “vintage electronics”.



Felling equally as giggly about the sweet vendor who set aside my purchase that had  lost track of  in a jewelry buying tornado. She wrote “Payed – Monterosso” on the package and waited for me to come back. I know I say it all the time, but here I go again… The people make the market. Vintage vendors are a special, sincere, interested and interesting breed. I feel so lucky to work with them.



Artistic surprises in an open courtyard. This medieval wash station that was dedicated to the hard work of women in Italian history displayed local artists work for the weekend.



And among the copious amounts of cool stuff form all over Italy, accessible hours and it all has a gorgeous back drop. There is just something about this quaint Ligurian city, it’s  monstrous fortress and charming winding streets filled with boutiques and bistros that makes the Italian thrifting feel even better than normal!