I have no excuse for my blogging absence  . . . oh wait, I do! It was the middle of August in Italy where Italians shut down and socialize in the sun for two weeks! So I will pretend I was doing that.



After an illuminating workshop with creative peeps in another of the stunning town of the Cinque Terre, Riomaggiore, organized by Italian Fix I met up with talented photographer Jessica Giesey who shot me in some of my super summery finds!



Love adding some flair to my ‘wear as little as possible’ summer ethic with a vintage dresses worn as a light jacket.



These great pants were pounced on up by a local girl who was a dancer. Her long legs were just what they needed!



Tulips galore and Storie in Itlay bolo-inspried necklace. Also working some of my old ballet skills for Jessica here.



This crisp cotton vest was snatched up as quickly as it was when I saw it at the market!



“Fantasia” is how you say print or pattern in Italian . . . I love this skirt’s fantasy!



When I saw the pattern of this knit all I could think was Missoni. It was a vest that got transformed into a dress.



Feeling like my mamma in this long polyester 70’s dead stock dream!



Neighborhood cat Silvestre (the Italian Sylvester) graced us with his presence to shoot this embellished denim vest.



Breezy Gunne Sax style gauzy Italian dress.



You cannot own enough breezy dresses when living through a summer in the Cinque Terre.



Oh this hand beaded top…



Jessica told me to run toward the camera. I took it pretty literally, ha!