Milan is littered with these vibrant markets that happen all throughout the week. There are so many different vendors, all with ranging prices, and glorious treasures to be found in their many stalls. No words can explain what Milan has to offer when it comes to street markets, it is best I let the pictures do the talking for this one!


Capturing that moment when a vendor in both excited and scared because they realize you’re on a mission and you’re not going o ague them out of one euro, but you will take home half of their stall.

Decisions decisions all day every day, and quickly, without a dressing room, mirror, and before someone else decides for you!

The gift of gabbing and thrifting is also a necessary skill, not for the faint multitaskers.

This instead captured the moment you realize the detail on a market gem is unbelievably cool.

Oh a kids jacket, not a problem, if it fits, it fits!

Stumbled across some unbelievable dead stock.

Just so happened another market was just a hop-skip-and a jump away. Our grocery shopping became stock-up-on-1-euro-Levi’s shopping and we took ourselves to full bag capacity. As I heard a sweet Italian couple giggling about the juxtaposition of out tiny bodies and our huge and numerous bags I decided they would be game for taking our picture. They sure were, and after fumbling on a few accidental photos¬†of themselves they captured the glory haul of our amazing market day in Milan!