So when you think markets and thrifting you probably don’t think that the clothing changes with the seasons like it does in stores. Think again! The Italian interpretation of what you should wear and when you should wear it is rigid and transcends even into markets and thrift stores. No complaints here!



The amount of leather, suede and shearling in Italy it is overwhelming. I love almost every piece of it. You can find things priced anywhere form 2-30 euro at the throw-down markets I am used to. Things can get very expensive in vintage stores and some vintage markets.



So what goes through my head when I am buying coats? How much is it going to cost to clean it. Overcoats anywhere form 5-15 dollars/euro if you can’t get away with hand washing it. Leather coats usually cost about 40 dollars/euro to clean. So if it is really cheap it is worth it. I live in this 5 euro coat pictured above from Milan that transformed after a 40 euro cleaning. So yes, a 45 dollar beautiful warm unique coat is very much worth it to me!



Another thing to look out for are dry cleaning tags. Maybe the garment you are drooling over was just left at the dry cleaners and recently donated because they were never picked up. I know it sounds crazy but if it doesn’t need to be professionally cleaned you save 40 bucks! So if you are courageous like me get in there smell, exam and poke around before you take your seasonal winter coats home! And get out there soon because just like there are seasonal there are also end of the season sales. Winter is on its way out so use it to your bartering favor!