I am often asked, “What are these Overstock Drops, and what do they mean?” I understand that my creative lifestyle can sometimes be difficult to grasp, and despite my efforts to communicate clearly, I recognize that my passionate outpouring of information may not always convey a clear message.

As a Vintage Buyer for curated vintage stores located all around the world, I am constantly searching for unique Italian vintage to keep my clients’ shop shelves fully stocked, so sometimes, I find myself with a surplus of these vintage pieces.

Since I love each and every piece and envision them being worn with style for years to come, I have been styling and photographing them in creative contexts and making them available to vintage enthusiasts through my Overstock Drops.

It’s pretty clear that I use vintage as a medium for storytelling and as a creative outlet. Therefore, I often pair my Overstock Drops with stories that highlight sincere Italian realities that deserve attention. This is how a Modern Thrifter Overstock Drop comes to life. One of my favorite Overstock Drops, “Negozio,” is an excellent example. I was so passionate about it that I even bought a moto scooter just to capture it in a photo shoot. It truly deserves a moment in the spotlight.

Driving out to the countryside one day, I came across a bottega curtain an object that I have always been drawn to. Unlike the beaded curtains I had fallen in love with in the past, this one was not fuzzy and instead spelled out the word “SHOP” in clackety plastic strands. I was determined to find out who owned the family business and asked if I could come out one afternoon to take some pictures in front of their unique curtain. Without hesitation, they agreed, and I prepared for the visit by baking cookies, buying a motorino for Lolly to chauffeur me, and gathering a bunch of vintage items. After arriving at the outskirts of the city, I was able to capture some beautiful photos in front of the curtain and the love of the family business behind it. 

The following events are what have kept me alive and well during my 20 years in Italy: good people, compelling stories, a passion for their craft, and open arms. These connections were even more special following the pandemic. I had the pleasure of meeting the whole family and spending time with them. The father and son even took me to the back to feed me fresh figs from their tree.

They let me go about my business as they went about theirs.

Next, they asked me if I wanted to hold a chicken. Of course, I said yes! Something you may not know about me is that I love chickens and have two good reasons for it. First, I grew up loving the prequel to the Wizard of Oz, Return to Oz, where Dorothy had a pet hen named Bellina. Second, during my first year of college, I saved a small chick from being thrown off the roof of my dorm by frat boys. This yellow puff ball, which I initially thought was a seagull, then later thought was a hen, was imprinted by the college life and grew into the cockiest rooster ever! Named Scuttle, he was relocated to my hometown and since roosters are illegal due to noise he was related to farmland nearby. He was taught to cock-a-doodle-do by a saxophone and is now the breeding cock of a farm in Prundale, living his best life. Therefore, I have a soft spot for poultry as pets.

Their farm was incredibly beautiful and welcoming, which made me want to visit often. I would go there to get eggs, which I would later turn into delicious chocolate chip cookies for them. Although I haven’t been able to visit for some time, we still keep in touch!

The saga continued recently when I finally found the perfect opportunity to get a personalized Bottega curtain for our pizzeria, Lolly’s! The vendor put me in touch with their supplier, who wanted to trade the rights to my pictures of the “Negozio” curtain for my “Pizza” curtain,  hashtag gifted, haha! I’m excited to see my face on someone’s mailbox in their shop curtain catalogue one day. I couldn’t ask for anything cooler than to be the poster child for their product.

So why am I sharing this long, winding story? Because the Overstock Shop, which was previously only accessible via Instagram and IG highlights, is now going online! You’ll find all the information you need to make quick, easy, and secure purchases of vintage Italian items that I know you’ll adore. While there are only a few items available from last year, you can take a look by clicking here. Also, the first overstock drop of 2023 is coming this Sunday! See you there!