As I was trying to live the style of New York vicariously through the internet from my little Italian seaside home I was so stoked to see that I was there in spirit through my vintage treasures.

While perusing the almighty Manrepeller article Best of NYFW Street Style So Far some of my little loves jumped out at me!



Here Brittany, client and co-founder of Brooklyn-based vintage shop Daisy Del Sol, styled up this 1960s heavily pink and lace number that I uncovered in Northern Italy. (Dress available in their shop now, just sayin’!)



A little more scrolling in the same Manrepeller article and there was Madelynn Furlong of Wide Eyed Legless in something little more personal; some 80s Italian Casucci denim that I personally took seam ripper and tweezers to distress to perfection that she scored from Minneapolis clients Moth Oddities.






So awesome to see some Modern Thrifter Vintage standing tall next to two other badasses and total babes Courtney Trop of Always Judging and Linda Tol contributor to Glamour IT.  Goal for NYFW ’18: have them all decked out in my European vintage gems!