As I have mentioned before, it is quite a miracle to be in the right place at the right time for killer vintage markets in Italy. I manage because it is all I do, but for those of you just visiting Italy it is sometimes impossible. Since I have earned the name as Vintage Gina everyone, including tourists, get directed to me to ask where and when they can go to markets. Since the places I go to market are rarely on the to-see-in-Italy bucket list I love the little flea market I have up my sleve in Firenze that takes place all day almost every day of the year. The first time I was led to this market by local friend on New Year’s day I was instantly surprised to find a market on a holiday and it became a go-to piece of vintage treasure trove.



When I was in Florence this year to do a little buying and to search out new markets I had to hit up my old trusty. I had heard it may have moved, but didn’t believe it until I saw it! The sweet little square lined by equally as vintage bottegas was empty. I asked a shopkeeper where it had moved and it was just down the way. So I wiggled my way to it, went through a great street market to get to it (score!), and found it in its new location.



The vendors were the same, the “fascino” or fascination of the little flea market filled huts was not. However, as the Florentines mentioned and I personally experienced prices have gone down due to the less charming backdrop. Just FYI the old location had to be torn down because it was deemed unsafe.



So no skin off this thrifters nose, more adventure, great stuff and great prices.



Got some great pieces like these religious medals St. Francis and St. Anthony which are quite hard to find. I also found a plethora of  these hard-to-find handmade mosaic pieces form the 50’s that came form a factory that closed just outside of Florence. Perfect for the work I do for Storie In Italy!



As I mentioned, I had walked a street market with a couple flea market like clothing stands and food. It was defiantly worth a spin for this seeded thrifter who like to get her hands dirty. although I had to be aware of hawk-like pickpockets, I totally scored here, made a friend and got a phone number for some private warehouse shopping, yes!