As I walked up from the underground stop I could hear the pitter-patter of curious feet and walked right into the market. There were vendors shooting off from every surrounding street.  I really just scratched the surface, both due to the heat and my desire not to work, but to play with my girls on this particular Sunday!

I was immediately distracted by this vendor’s saint medals and brooches. it was amazing to see the local saints that turned up. Once I got them home and researched them I learned about both Milanese history, religious history and traditions.  Saints, check, now I could go off and indulge in my favorite kind of picking  . . . clothes!

Vendors were setting up everywhere. I love finding these small private vendors.

Something for every style.

If the vintage platform fits, get it! But they rarely do.

Loads and loads of beautiful clothes. Not the thriftiest I have seen, but well taken care of and displayed in a more elegant way than I am used too. Not to fret my fellow diggers and I found a fantastic stall with appropriate prices and dug away for hours!

This pile was a gift that kept on giving I could not help but notice that every single pattern was awesome. I mean colorful flying vintage helmets?!

Big regrets leaving this cat-print rain slicker skirt!

Our euphoric momentum was brought to a sudden halt when our vendor went from super friendly to distraught. She sadly confessed that she had accidentally given my bag of set-aside goodies to another customer. I couldn’t help but giggle because the girl who looked through sober linens and collared shirts went home with my bag blaring 70’s crop tops and trumpet sleeves. Yes, anything it takes to get Modern Thrifter’s influence into closets all over the world is fine by me. So off to fill up my bags again!

Uh oh healthy competition moved in. Not a problem, my wing ladies and I came home with more than amazing garments!