In a world full of hashtags, what the h— does #MTWant mean?! #MTWant is a hashtag I created, thanks to input from my collaborators at Moth Oddities, to help my clients discover what pieces are still for sale in the “Virtual Closet”.  Sometimes, I can’t believe that these garments have been overlooked for so long, but they can get lost in the virtual closet due to the fast, get-it-while-its-hot pace of the vintage world.

More often than not, you really need to see garments in action to really appreciate their potential, so I did a photo shoot with my friend and ELLE blogger Nina Campioni in my former ‘hood: Monterosso, Cinque Terre.




So, what have we got here? Center-creased Sta-Prest Levi’s™, a fitted lace lingerie tank, a wicker clutch and a sleek YSL blazer, all of which are available. In fact, some are even on sale!



Comme des Gar-What?! Yea, that is pretty much how I felt when I uncovered this 1990s Rei Kawakubo Comme des Garçons silk-blend button-up. It appeared on the runway with the buttons mismatched, so I styled the shirt true to CDG vision.



This piece has such good vibes. I might be secretly hoping it will never sell and just naturally find its way into my closet one of these days.



Black leather and lace are always exciting!



This 1980s short-sleeved, short motorcycle jacket seems to have been made for today, and the 1920s beaded handbag adds an opera-worthy touch.



When all else fails hold a baby…politicians do it all the time! So, this is where Rocco, also courtesy of Nina, steps in and steals the show.



Feeling like a hot mamma in this vibrant belted 100% linen dress! The deep pockets hold everything your baby needs!



Holy desperate-and-barefoot-Dolce&Gabbana vibes! This pure silk dark floral dress with big-bucket pockets even has a removable lace collar that is not pictured.



During my short, yet scenic, walks home in Monterosso—before I would climb hundreds of stairs to reach my house–I would always stop to admire something new. Always.  Are you feeling the Missoni Mare flair of this 1970s terrycloth dress as much as I am?!



Y-S-L. I love you Yves, and I don’t care who knows it. This thick beautifully structured 1980s sweater is still waiting to rest on the perfect pair of shoulders.



Also, I have recently added #MTWantCA to easily search Modern Thrifter In the Old World garments that are available to ship from California!



Here’s one last look at this ham and stay tuned for next week’s article TGIFendi!