It all started with a beautiful ticket to a beautiful train. I had a tip that this market was a good one. I have found that it is typical in Northern Italy for markets to happen twice a week like Wednesday and Saturday or Tuesday and Saturday etc… I love this organization, and all Northern Italian organization for that matter.  With work, life, transport and other it is quite hard to hit weekly street markets because they are usually limited to one morning once a week. Antique markets are actually only once a month so it is even crazier to plan so the more frequent the market, the better it is for me, you and vintage lovers all over the world!



The train station was  already beautifully equipped with antique details a relics of Italy’s railway past. This was just a teaser of what was about to come!



The market was a beautiful walk from the train station into the breathtaking historical center that is home to the street market.



The market winds and out of this tiny and rich historical center so it is a real attack on the senses. As I was digging and protecting my hunt I had to stop, look and listen. The dialect, I love hearing new Italian accents and dialects which can seem like different languages even. You know if the local ladies that still speak dialect are at the market you are in the right place.



This market was work, it is a place for seasoned market goers. It was a great mix of everything you see at typical street markets like household items, shoes, fabric, clothes (used and new), dead stock, etc.



The stalls of used clothing that unwound like a ball of yarn uncovering pieces that were one more beautiful than the next. And don’t forget to look up. This was my Wayne’s world moment when I saw this Micky mouse faux fur: “She will be mine, oh yes, she will be mine.” and she is!



Piazza Duomo where plants, flowers, seeds and so much more are sold was breathtaking. When I lifted my head form under the white tents hanging with tantalizing purchases it was like landing on the moon.



After seeing this gorgeous view I bopped around the center a bit. It was like walking through a Pinterest board of all the most beautiful places in Italy, but I was already loaded down so I could not really enjoy it and I just felt the piles of clothing calling me for one more romp before I caught the train. I bought until I could not hang anything else off my body and I am so glad I did!