My morning in Levanto was packed as usual not your typical dolce vita fare niente over here ( you can’t not hear my sarcasm, right?).  I had a great morning collecting sea glass and speaking English with my little buddy Edo. Next on the list was visit girlfriend who just bought a villa and all of its vintage contents all before getting the train back to Monterosso at 10.35 to open the shop.



However, a minor Modern Thrifter detour occurred. While I was zipping through the quaint town of Levanto’s Wednesday morning market which usually has very few vintage temptations I lulled to a screeching halt. I was distracted by the beauty of a rack of Made in Itlay deadstock. These vendors had cleaned out a warehouse of a store that closed down and brought all of these name brand beauties practically to my doorstep in Levanto. The pieces are immaculate and untouched with their original tags and original prices in Lira, the currency that was used in Italy before the Euro!



The vendors scooted over once they saw me start tearing though it and they were just excited about these pristine one of a kind treasures as I was. I filled my arms to the brim, but I could not even bare to barter because this stuff was so neat and I knew I was getting a deal. Needless to say I left with a huge bag of goodies and even went back after the vintage villa visit on my way to the train station! and this was’t the last time I saw these vintage yielding brothers. They jotted down my name i.e. “Vintage Gina” on the cardboard box holing their register and called me every Wednesday till we emptied that warehouse one good piece of vintage at a time!



A little down the way a trusty vendor that comes to Monterosso on Thursday morning as well, Allesandro. He was bearing some great summer dresses so I snatched up one of those too. Since my eyes were opened and my thrifitng gears were turning I noticed another stall with a pile of things to sift through.




Once I got the deadstock home I discovered they were rich in detail like these denim prestigious Made in Italy brand Blumarine skirts.



All in all Levanto in on the map! Great pieces great value, smiling vendors, small and quaint. Levanto is a beautiful little town too when you need a break form the Cinque Terre hustle so stop and sit down for a coffee, focaccia, gelato, stalking corners of old Italy, old signs patina for days or lunch before you hop back on the train.