I have been going to this  market in this small elegant Ligurian city for years and the great selection at the market reflects this city’s reputation for being the place to shop.

This riverea town is a harmonious mix of Italian village and city. The city is known by its neighbors as being a wealth of great shopping. In the city center i there are two rows of arcade lined streets called the ‘carugio’ littered with food bottegas, ancient cafes and straight glorious shops and storefronts.

The market winds through the small streets and is particularly sprawling but I try to never forget to step back and take in my gorgeous surrounding. The buildings that rise above the vendors’ awnings and umbrellas are spectacular, colorful and ornate.

When I started going to this street market a decade ago loved for it’s somewhat pricey but existent vintage and dead stock vendors, even more used clothing has moved in. I was elated to be greeted with piles of treasure to be sorted through. I love to get gritty.

I often went just for these specific vendors who always have great purses and accessories among other things. This stall can be overwhelming since all the ladies go to it like bees to honey. I was so pleased to see that these trusty vendors were still there in the same place! I went for it and pulled things out of that pile that the ladies that were there well before me did not even see. I was sleek, quick and got in an out before any of the other shoppers could say “I saw it first”. So needless to say will be going back again just for these guys’ accessories and service with a smile!

It was a great market day. A surprise really, for I had not expected so many great vendors and I found the market had grown with things that itched my thrifting scratch. We only got rained on a little, but took comfortable cover in the arcades. And Yes, I did a lot or research and photos in the winter time, don’t worry it is a good 75 degrees on the Italian riviera right now.

A thank you for my trustee photographer! A bright and fun Naj Oleari bag an Italian brand that is known for its fun prints. It is also a brand that was used by my fave Italian 80’s style icons the Paninari (promise finally that article is almost done!)

Brought home this great printed leather vest from a new vendor who was sweet, curious and willing to wheel and deal. Just the way we like  ’em!