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Vintage Buyer – California – Italy

My Story

Born thrifting in California, I moved to Italy and picked up where I left off. Addicted to the hunt for old things with history and new artisans keeping history alive.

Everyone has a medium in which they see, smell, touch and absorb the world and mine is markets and second hand troves, wherever they may be. It’s not food, art, sports or song. It’s the early morning elbow rubbing with like-minded strangers who have the same weakness for overturning old stones, turning a curious corner or telling a story.

With over a decade of thrifting all over Italy, I have gathered innumerable tidbits straight from the source on local culture past and present: dialects, dishes, crafts, designers and so much more.

As a viable byproduct of my network and passion, I built a business sourcing second hand goods for retailers all over the world. I’m proud to say that I get to chase down markets, vintage and all the second hand insight that I can absorb…all part of a day’s work!

Benvenuti tutti al mio mondo…that of a Modern Thrifter in the Old World.

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