Sunday is always a good market day. This particular Sunday I did not have two or three markets planned like usual, but I did have something in mind. Since it was quite far form my new place I set out via jogging to get there fast and see what I was working with. Needless to say I found it and it was great so I am glad I slipped a little cash in my pocket before I set off!




This market was at a place called Spazio 2 in Piacenza. A great covered-outdoor space that is used for popular gatherings like this. The look and feel was just like the uber cool Popcorn Garage Market in Milan, but mini. It was even beautiful from afar, the BBQ smoking, people smiling through their big glasses and red lipstick,  music playing… and as I wound through it I certainly  uncovered some Italian treasure.




Vendors were private, not many professionals so it was one of those few markets that are full of very detailed collections and lots of stories.




There was a running theme of vintage records and I would have framed every album cover like this one form the Italian music festival Sanremo form 1969!







There were also some antique vendors with breathtaking ancient things like this ottoman and wall hanging of the Virgin Mary.




Local artisans gathered as well like these Depopers Le Nereidi who hand embroidered t-shirts with the sweetest English phrases ever.




Love a good vintage ring score.



I also stumbled across great Iconic Italian brands that people had been cherishing in their closets long enough for them to become vintage with grace.




Saw this skirt and had to have it. I asked the vendor if it was vintage and she said “I have had it since I was 10 years old.” So, definitely! As I walked away with this Krizia corset top and graffiti skirt Alessanda yelled “It was so nice meeting you because I know you will love them as much as I did” Well these two babies are up for grabs, but I did come home with a slinky silky number that I will live in in the summer.




I bought from Alessandra’s private collection till my money ran out and then she wanted a picture, and of course I did too! Totally a market day that sent me home with a smile and some awesome garments and good stories to share.