This market, unlike others, takes place 2 weeks in August when most of the country is on vacation and my markets are on hiatus.  I have been going to for years that takes that takes place in a gorgeous little city. Vendors are tucked in every quaint nook and cranny, and I usually take advantage of the charming backdrop for dinner and drinks once the sun goes down. It is full sensory overload.



This antique-meets-flea market literally named “Attics in the Street“, is something that goes on my calendar as soon as it is announced. This year was the 50th anniversary of this tradition that was born from the collaboration of antique collectors and local shop owners in this city known for its traditional bottegas, antique stores, lovers of ancient craft and art. A city at with a modern mentality and respectful ode the past. I absolutely love it.



The first bin I stumbled across was filled with these great hats. I wanted many, but the market had just begun I knew there was way more to be seen!



This year for the first time there was an area dedicated to the dealers under the age of 10. I wish I could have gotten a video. These kids had  it going on! My heart melted when I asked how much a pair of earrings  was. The boy responded responsibility like one of those kids in Newsies “Oh those are nice, feel how heavy they are…3 euro a piece.. or two for five”. I should have given him ten.



I get in there and twist and turn all around it I follow the tables billowing with colorful old things and pounce when I see something that catches my eye.



Many shops have storefronts and tables outside with deals for the occasion.  This particular vintage shop had many enticing garments and accessories to be seen. This piece in particular caught the eye of my lion (and Chanel) loving friend.  The shop keeper was extremely helpful and it felt like she loved having us in there and could not wait to tell us everything she knew. She willingly let us fondle and photograph these pricey pieces of fashion history and filled in any piece of the story when she could.



My wingwoman got the first score of the day this perfectly fringed coat. Luckily we are slightly different  sizes in the shoulder or it could have been war! Such a great piece. This is a perfect example of a vintage love that keeps on giving; something that caches your eye and when you start getting to know it, its buttons, its tags, patches etc. it just gets better and better.

So after this excitement I was jonesing for a score and intended on b-lining to my trusty vendors I cannot wait to see every year. I was unable to b-line because it is physically impossible at a market with so many distractions, but I got there.



Raffaela and her partner come from the opposite side of Italy to come to this market and bring with them some of the most standout pieces I have ever found.



They have a perfect mix of piles to dig through, racks to flip through, bags, belts and more to discover.



And close by there is a perfectly reflective window and perfect for assessing my finds!



Other vendors like Raffaela come from all over Italy which makes the collectibles even better. I always see unique things at this market that I don’t need, but I really want!



Having loyally worked at local move store in my hometown rightly named Movie Mart I am a sucker for movie paraphernalia. All of these billboard signs came form  movie theater shut down in the 50’s. I wanted one of everything.



And this early 1900’s Viewmaster! We all had one of these orange plastic things in the 80’s. But this a relic of the souvenirs available for Florence in the 1920’s really shows us ho much things have changed.



I naturally wanted to take home hundreds of these gold nuts, but they were heavy and brass I would have had to adjust my load of precious handpicked vintage clothing so they stayed. But, it really goes to show the array of cool, kitsch and antique gems!