As per the norm after a long glorious year of stalking vintage in Italy, I was biting at the bit to source form my local “loop” opshops that I have been obsessively hunting in since I got a drivers license and inherited my old lipstick-red Volvo in 1999. This photoshoot is dedicated to the vintage fruits of my hometown and the its California-style Americana personality.



1950s tailor made honeymoon set brought to me by the groom himself, an impeccable piece form a very special private collection. Worn with 1980s Capezio cowgirl boots, rigorously Made in the USA.



The floral Esprit mini dress that everyone had in the 90s and everyone is kicking themselves for getting rid of. 1980s D.U.M.A.S black trench both Made in USA. Worn with late 90s Anne Klein neutral slides.



1980s Karen Arnold silk bomber and Brittney bitch Y2K Pinko nude mesh sparkle top.



Walkin’ home in some Y2K Anne Klein rafia heels Made in Italy and 1980s Levis Orange Tab 550s, Made in USA.



1970s Eagle Shirt Makers pastel perfection and Hermes – vibes chain belt.



In love with these outfits form the Greek fishermen’s hats to the twin ANNA Made-in-Usa dusters, to the books-lovers blouse.



Always grabbing for Parisian plissé like this neutral top nestled under this 90s corduroy jumper.



Dickies, late 90’s gold! Those of you who were there know what I mean!



No one can handle unicorns anymore except if it’s an original 1980s charm necklace. Magical powers probably included.



And in honor of National No Pants day being moved form May to January, this handmade leopard teddy coat is worn with only with Laura Ashley shades,  90s loafers and nate 90s beaded Talbots bag.



I actually remember seeing my first popcorn top when it was shipped to California by my high school BF’s family from the Lebanon. They are just as fascinating as they were then and I’m welcoming them back with open arms. This Anne Taylor pleated passport skirt and Esprit bucket bag were sisters in another life for sure.



Runaway in this 1980s Carol Anderson of California floral gem.




Late 90s denim Sydni Jordan cargo jumper and quintessential Esprit striped button-up.




Uniquely handmade colorful 1970s lace midriff blouse, with beaded 1980s does 40s purse dickies and loafers and fine gold plated 1980s lariat necklace.



Oh the beauty of finding an undivided pair like this 1980s handmade deep amethyst set with reversible top.




1980s CHIA Made in Korea dreamy leather biker jacket. 1970s Alfred Shaheen California – Hawaii killer rose bud dress.



One of my favorite brands to cop in the US is Diane Fries. I had never seen where her signature 70s flowing dresses went in the 80s, but I’m loving where this two-piece boho meets peplum power suit is going.




And the almighty Bay Area vintage relics are garments form high fashion San Francisco department store I.Magnin like this 1970s set found by trained eye Nicollette Trottier.



And a special thank you to Katie Pagnella for being your lovely self in front of the camera and to Lorenzo Groppi for entertaining the idea of honoring my thrifting roots and shooting what I couldn’t. I’m also looking forward to a 2019 overflowing with Italian vintage gems and more when I’m back on my Modern Thrifter in the Old World turf.

Auguri and I wish you all a Happy New Year of thrifting and living in this world of sustainable fashion full of stories, inspiration and downright – beautiful clothes!